• Chitosan
    Product Details

    Product details:

    CAS No.: 9012-76-4

    EINECS No.: 222-311-2

    Place of Origin : Qingdao China

    Type : Antioxidants

    Molecular Weight (Da):1000-3000
    Molecular formula :  (C6H11NO4)n(n=2~10)

    Brand Name : Haijingling

    Model Number : LY-Chitosan Oligosaccharide

    product name : Chitosan Oligosaccharide Powder

    Deacetylation degree : 80%,85%,90%, 95%

    Appearance : Light yellow

    Grade : Food/Agricultural/ Feed Grade

    Certificate : ISO 9001:2015

    Form : Powder

    Shelf Life : 2 Years

    Packaging : Fiber drum

    Supply Ability : 20MT per Month

    Port : Chinese main port

    Full series of chitoan oligosaccharide 

           Chitosan Oligosaccharide Specification List



    85%, 90%, 95%

    80%, 85%, 90%

    80%, 85%, 90%


    1. Prevent the nematodes activities and effects on roots, produce the resistance factor for bacteria, virus, fungus and nematodes.

    2. Take roots rapidly, accelerate root growth, solve the question of weak growth and malnutrition effectively.

    3. Improve the absorption for all kinds of nutrients, increase the output by 20%-50%, promote the fruit grade and inner quality.


    Chitosan Oligosaccharide Powder has been mainly used in the following fields

    Food Grade:

    1. Antibacterial agent
    2. Fruit and vegetable preservatives
    3. Food Additives
    4. Clarifying agent 

    Agriculture Grade:

    1. In agriculture, it is typically used as a seed treatment and plant growth enhancer, and also an ecologically friendly biopesticide substance

    As feed additives, it can inhibit and kill the harmful bacterium and improve animals immunity.

    Packaging :

    1L x 12 bottles/case;

    5L x 4 bottles/case;


    Applicable Crops:

    Fruit Trees(Grape, Apple, Orange, Peach, Papaya, Banana etc.)

    Vegetables and Melons (Leafy Vegetables, Rhizome etc.)


    Coffee, Olive, Tea, Medicinal Crops

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